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MTGOLibrary Bot 8.95

With ML Bot 8.95 we fixed some bugs. In particular we fixed a major problem at the beginning of the trades causing the bot to abort the trades and restart mtgo. This happened frequently on slow computers, rarely on "fast" ones.

MTGO Library Bot 8.89

With ML Bot 8.89, released yesterday, we moved the Special Buddies tab away and put it entirely online. The process started one week ago. You can read it here:

Please make sure you do not use any SpecialBuddies.txt file and that all your buddies are correctly inserted on the server.

MTGO Library Bot 8.87

With ML Bot 8.87 we made the autotransfer handshake more robust, especially in the case of  "give" commands (such as "Refill give cards" or "Balance give cards") that requires an active communication between bots.

We also set the autotransfer timeout to 5 minutes so the autotransfer trades will take maximum 5 minutes each.

Special Buddies, online

We are proud to announce the new Special Buddies tool, available on the Online Control Panel. It works exactly as the one on the "client bot", but it is centralized and it is shared among your bots. The old tool on the client bot will not be supported anymore.

The new Special Buddy tool is not active yet: to ease the transition, it will be activated 3rd December. Before that date you need to migrate your special buddies online.

We hope you will enjoy the new tool. Having it online means that you can easily adjust the prices on your smartphone even when not in front of the pc!

MTGO Library Bot 8.85 and 8.86

Yesterday and today we released two updates, ML Bot 8.85 and 8.86.

These two updates contain some small fixes. An important fix that should be mentioned is that PersonalPrices.txt is now fully case-insensitive.
The following line was not valid in previous version, while now it is valid.

ktk;wooded foothills;4.370;11.500;2.670;2.411;5;2

Please note that you can write "ktk" instead of "KTK" and "wooded foothills" instead of "Wooded Foothills"

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