• How does MLBot interface with Magic Online?

    ML Bot implements an OCR (optic character recognition) engine to read the information on the screen. The screen is constantly monitored and the bot decides the actions to take according to what it 'sees' on the screen. The inputs into Magic Online happen by controlling the mouse and the keyboard, simulating the human behavior, such as clicks and keystrokes.

  • Are there any minimum requirements to run the bot?

    ML Bot is a very light software, it just needs a pc with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8.
    Screen resolution has to be at least 1280x800: if you plan to use the bot on a laptop with a lower resolution you should consider connecting an external monitor or use a virtual machine.

  • Can I share credit between my family of bots?

    Yes you can, ML Bot is designed to share the credits between bots. After login, click on the 'Sharing Credits' button and follow the information on screen to group your bots into 'chains'.

  • Are updates free?

    The updates are released every week and are always free, regardless of the content.
    The updates can be as small as bug fixes, or as large and important as new functionalities or modalities.

  • I use another bot, is it possible to convert the credits and the current data structures I am using into MLBOT format?

    Yes it is, but we have to do this 'manually' because every bot has its own structure.
    Anyhow, just send us an email and we will convert the data for you. We will do the dirty work and make your side of the transition as smooth as possible.

  • I cannot log into the Online Control Panel: do I need to set special options on my internet browser?

    No, you do not need any special options. We tested the Online Control Panel with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE9. Older version of IE will work but they could give minor problems. If you do encounter a problem be sure that javascript and cookies are enabled and that no firewalls are blocking the connection, in particular, Windows firewall.

  • When launching MLBot, it is not able to pass the “internet connection” test. How can I fix this?

    This means that ML Bot is not able to connect to www.mtgolibrary.com . Frequently the problem is a firewall blocking the bot from connecting. Please note that being able to visit www.mtgolibrary.com via browser does not necessarily mean that ML Bot is able to connect too: the browser and the bot are in fact two different softwares, and you may need to authorize both on your firewall.

  • How do you collect / do I pay the renting fee?

    You can pay in tixs (directly in Magic Online) or via PayPal. The former method is automated and transparent, the latter involves an explicit payment.

    The first payment method is based on the Magic Online trading system. In detail, a member of the ML Bot Staff opens a trade using an authorized account; the bot recognizes the account and credit him an amount of tixs equals to the renting fee. The trade is performed and handled as any other trade, it is thus logged on the Control Panel and a screenshot is saved. As any other trade, you will also receive an email.

    The second method (PayPal or credit card) happens outside Mtgo. You have to login first, then go to the Online Control Panel and click on the PayPal buttons. Submit the form, the payment will be processed in real time.

  • Is ML Bot safe?

    Yes, here at mtgolibrary safety is the first rule. ML Bot implements in fact many layers of protections.

    Before confirming every trade, the ML Bot runs also a number of tests and checks, and if something suspicious is detected the trade is aborted.

  • I haven't received the confirmation email: what should I do?

    First of all, please make sure you typed the email address correctly. Then, check the spam folder - it could be that your ISP marked the email as spam. You may want to set specific rules for that.

    If you still do not receive the email, just write us (at staff@mtgolibrary.com) and we will activate the account manually.

  • My name is already taken and I am not able to request a password change: what can I do?

    Just write us an email (at staff@mtgolibrary.com) and we will unlock the account! Don't worry!

  • Economically speaking, is running a bot a risky business?

    Absolutely not. You pay only if you make a profit, and you pay only a percentage of the profit (3.5% or 2.5%). If your bot does not trade, you pay nothing. In the worst case, you just spent some time 'playing and tweaking the bot'.

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