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MTGO Library Bot 8.84

With ML Bot 8.84 we introduced the much-awaited "at mode" working with tickets, the "attixs".
It is a mode that will make your bot get your tickets. We also sligthly changed the way an administrator is greeted and now the bots gives more informative messages.

MTGO Library Bot 8.83

With ML Bot 8.83 we fixed some bugs. In particular:

  • fixed a problem at the beginning of the trades causing the bot to withdraw if mtgo is slow.
  • fixed a problem causing empty classified messages to be displayed, with no card replacements.
  • opening trade with an autotransfer bot is now more reliable and does not paste the bot name in the Classified area. On previous versions this was caused by a misclick
  • added the message "type the corresponding number to remove a card" when a customer buys cards

True Profit - No more guessing

Hello Botters,

Today ML Bot is happy to announce its new profit report page. You will able to see precise profits based on a date range, rarity, or a specific card. This is a important tool to guide you in the right direction and help you adjust on cards you might be taking a loss on. Here is what it looks like on the control panel: :

You can see what you purchased a card for and what you sold that card for, this is only listed when you have a sale. Card sold or bought without a match are NOT computed as profit, thus the new tool gives you a lower bound for the profit - you can only have done better, not worse!

Keep in mind data starts from Oct. 15 2014. Please enjoy this new feature and if you have any suggestions please email us at

Happy botting!


MTGO Library Bot 8.74

ML Bot has a built-in mechanism that restarts MTGO if its memory usage is more than 1.5 GB. This is necessary because MTGO tends to consume a lot of memory and after a while a restart is much needed.
The threshold "1.5 GB" was fixed, meaning that it was "1.5" regardless of the size of your collection and the total memory of your machine. This does not always fit well. In this case, one size does not fit all.

ML Bot 8.74 uses a dynamically computed threshold based on your collection and on the total amount of ram in your machine. 8.74 avoids restarting MTGO when it is not necessary and keeps the restarts at the lowest possible number.

MTGO Library Bot 8.69

ML Bot 8.69 contains a number of fixes. In particular:

  • fixed a crash on Windows 8.1 when loading the prices
  • fixed a crash on "LauncherGUIChecker.exe"
  • the click on the "confirm" button in final confirm window is now more reliable - sometimes the bot was unable to perform the trade because MTGO "missed" the click on the button (probably due to a lag in the game)
  • fixed a problem with the login screen, probably introduced with Wednesday MTGO update
  • fixed the % loader of the Collection, no more going to 150%

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