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MTGO Library Bot 8.31

ML Bot version 8.31 has been released. The release contains a number of improvements and bug fixes.

  • changes to the file "TransferCollection.txt" are now automatically detected after pause/unpause and the settings will be reloaded. You don't have to stop the bot, edit the file, and then restart: TransferCollection.txt changes are recognized immediately.
  • added an "Automatic Card Transfer" message containing the recap of the active/passive bots for autotransfer
  • the bot now enters buying mode when a customer picks a ticket
  • an administrator account can now enter "buying mode" typing "sell", exactly like any other regular customer 
  •  removal of cards with index less than 9 in buying mode was not working 

Auto Reboot - Keep your bot updated and online.

Hello Botters,

This week we were doing test trades with some of our botters and we stumbled across that more than 60% of them were using an old versions of the bot and 80% of those bots were unable to trade as a result. It is very important to keep the bot updated, or sometimes your bot will simply not complete trades. You can keep updated with an auto-reboot file in your start up menu.

Whats does this do?
It will restart your Virtual machine every 24 hours.

How is this useful?
- Keep your bot updated. This is important because if there are major bugs with the current release this will allow you to update while you are away, potentially saving you from bad trades.

- If an error occurs with your bot then you will have less down time.  Less downtime means more trades and more profits.

How do I set this up?
Step 1: Download the Auto-reboot bat file: Click here!

Step 2: Place the file in your start up folder. You can find this folder here: (type %appdata% in start menus search) C:\Users\Your computer name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

Step 3: Mark checkbox on the bot's user interface.

Step 4: Restart your Computer, You will see this in the system tray.

We recommend that you only use this on virtual machines, there is a possibility that the restarter.exe for ML bot could fail, during testing we had a 100% success rate. If this fails it will not restart your bot and could result in some downtime.

Happy Botting,

MTGO Library Bot 8.28

Yesterday we found a minor issue on the bot ocr. The issue caused the bot to be unable to read the cards (any card).
This happened because, after the update, Mtgo reset all its settings to default.
To fix this you can simply restart the bot: the bot will relaunch mtgo and will automatically adjust the settings.

We also released an update (ML Bot 8.28) so that next Wednesday you won't need to restart the bot.

MTGO Library Bot 8.27

With ML Bot 8.27 we fixed a couple of small bugs.

  • fixed an oversell / overbuy protection problem causing a buddy to bypass the rules. This happened on several trades, rules still worked in one trade
  • fixed a problem with PersonalPrices.txt causing some cards to be skipped after a sequence of "blank" lines
  • fixed a sync problem with wikiprice 

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