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MTGO Library Bot 8.63

ML Bot 8.63 has just been released. We worked on two aspects:

  • during mtgo login, the login could fail resulting in a "Waiting for MTGO to load" message while mtgo is not loading. Version 8.63 handles the problem and tries again the login after 15 seconds
  • wikiprice realtime update is now more robust. When wikiprice is heavy loaded, previous bot versions could fail the update

MTGO Library Bot 8.62

ML Bot 8.62 has just been released. It fixes:

  • a sync problem with wikiprice, causing solo-seller bots to display as buyers (while they do not buy any card)
  • a more robust OPEN / BUSY Classified message handling. Previous versions sometimes fail to update the message from "BUSY" to "OPEN" at the end of the trades, resulting in a neverending BUSY status

MTGO Library Bot 8.61 - Khans of Tarkir

ML Bot 8.61 supports Khans of Tarkir (KTK).

The new pricelist ("CardsMTGO.txt") is available for download on the Online Control Panel and for free during the update process and in the installer.
Lite bots should update as well because the bot uses the pricelist to learn the names of the cards.

Mtgo Wikiprice in maintenance

Wikiprice is currently down for maintenance. It will stay down for another 12h. Sorry for the inconvenience.

MTGO Library Bot 8.60 (and previous)

In the last few days we released a couple of versions (8.56 -8.60) without writing the related posts and changelogs. These versions fixed some minor issues related to the background reload of the prices and the upload to wikiprice, two parts of the bots that have been rewritten to work in background.

With version 8.60 we are now in a very stable release, with a correct sync with wikiprice and background price reloads. If you use ML Bot 8.56, 57, 58 or 59 we suggest to upgrade to 8.60. The upgrade is not mandatory and not urgent, but your bots will benefit

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