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Pricelist "CardsMTGO.txt" format change

Later this week we will release a major bot update. We improved and recoded a number of things - a detailed article will follow.

Among the other changes, we changed the pricelist format. The current line format is:

000#0001#5DN#C#Abuna's Chant#0.017#0.026#0.005#0.008

the new format will be:

12345#12345#000#0001#5DN#C#Abuna's Chant#0.017#0.026#0.005#0.008

You have to do nothing, the bot will recognize and load automatically the new format. If you use custom tools to create your own CardsMTGO.txt, you may want to adhere at the new format.

MTGO Library Bot 8.45

We have just released ML Bot 8.45. The new version is more "delicate" on MTGO v4 and this leads to overall better performances, especially on slow machines. We implemented a function to detect MTGO hanging and pause the bot when MTGO is not responding to the inputs.

MTGO Library Bot 8.44

ML Bot 8.44 fixes some bugs related to the automatic cards transfer. Among the others:

  • fixed a bug that resulted in bots not stopping the trades, even after all the cards were transferred
  • fixed a bug with transferring UL cards
  • bot is faster when opening a trade
  • more reliable tixs picking (sometime the bot picked more tixs than necessary)

Online Price Editor

Let's pretend you are away from home, with no laptop, without your Magic Online tools, and you realize there is something wrong with your pricing and need to fix quickly. For example this weekend ONS fetch lands dropped drastically due to the annoucement of them being reprinted in Khans and if you didn't change your price quickly you would have bought them all at around 30-40 even though they are selling for about 30 now.

Before today, you couldn't do anything. You could just sit there and watch your bots burn your tickets.

Today we launch the online price editor so you can adjust your prices in few seconds from anywhere and deliver the updates to your bots, immediately. The editor is specifically designed for smartphone and tables, so you can use wherever you are.
You can access the editor from the Online Control Panel, after login, clicking on "Personal Price List" and then "Create a personal price list" (the blue button).

Introduction to ML Bot v4 - Bot manual

Introduction to ML Bot

What is Mtgolibrary Bot?

ML Bot is the most comprehensive, customizable and
user friendly Magic the Gathering Online (MTGO) trading Bot program on the market.ML Bot allows you to buy, sell and trade MTGO cards with little to no administration.

ML Bot is a combination Bot, once the program is launched you will be able to choose between either a Lite version of the Bot or a Pro version of the bot. The Lite version will allow you to buy, sell, and trade cards based on rarity alone. The Pro version of the Bot will allow you to set prices for individual cards. Each Bot type will be explained in depth in their respective sections.

This bot manual will provide you with an in depth explanation of ML Bot and all of its features. Please read the manual fully before launching the bot.


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