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MTGO Library Bot 8.68

Yesterday we released ML Bot 8.68. The update fixes

  • a problem with Automatic Card Transfer when a "passive" bot was also listed as "admin" - in that case the active bot was unable to complete the trade because it recognized the passive bot as administrator, and waited for input.
  • we changed the way the bot closes MTGO and made it more "gracefully" clicking "Yes" on the close dialog
  • fixed a crash on LauncherGUIChecker.exe
  • fixed a bug that caused the corruption of the database and the inability to handle trades until reinstallation of the bot


Wizards System Difficulties

Wizards of the CoastArchive
October 17, 2014
Today, Friday, October 17, 2014, Wizards of the Coast is experiencing issues affecting our database servers. These issues affect Magic systems such as Magic Online as well as our other systems, such as Wizards Event Reporter and the Store and Event Locator.
As of 12 noon PT we believe we have identified the problems causing these issues and are working diligently to restore our systems to full functionality. Currently we believe we will have these issues resolved prior to the start of Grand Prix Los Angeles.
More updates to come.
Retailers, if you have questions about how to run your events during this WER downtime please check your email or check the WPN site for information from the WPN team, or contact Retail Support at us.

If you were wondering why you cannot log into Magic The Gathering Online, here is the answers you are looking for. Below is the link to the site with the information for future updates:

Thank you 
MTGO Library Bot Staff

Introducing Shared Collections

After months of work and testing we are proud to introduce a new feature, the Shared Collection.

What is a Shared Collection?

Shared Collection allows you to manage your inventory by only buying a "certain amount" of a single card amongst all your bots. Bots in the same group buy and trade cards as if they have one big collection instead of smaller individual collections. Bots sharing the collections "share their collections", they are synched in real time with each other and they always know what the other bots have and want.

This is very useful for botters with multiple bots. You can now set your bots in groups that will share their inventories, the same way that you can have a group of bots share the credits. This will take each bots individual inventory and add them up for a complete shared inventory. The is useful because you can limit the amount of cards you purchase, especially those slow movers.


If you run 4 bots and you want to purchase 12 of a certain card across all the bot, here is how you could set up personalprices.txt file (you can also set the amount in the Collection tab).

Bot A =>  M14;Shock;0.05;0.09;0.02;0.03;4;0
Bot B =>  M14;Shock;0.05;0.09;0.02;0.03;4;0
Bot C =>  M14;Shock;0.05;0.09;0.02;0.03;4;0
Bot D =>  M14;Shock;0.05;0.09;0.02;0.03;0;0

Each bot will purchase up to 12 until the respected shared inventory amount is acquired, making sure you do not end up with more 12x "Shocks".

Please note that you don't need to change the individual bot settings, you just need to group them on the Online Control Panel. Since bots could end up with unbalanced stocks (for example bot A owning 12 while bot B 0), you may also want to automatically transfer the cards using the "Balance" mode.

Direct link here:

Happy Botting,


MTGO Library Bot 8.65

With ML Bot 8.65 we slightly changed the automatic OPEN | BUSY messages to better uniform them with the Classified standards.

The new OPEN | BUSY messages now look like these:

using the forest and the fireball symbol to make the bot status more prominent.
Please note that you can create your customized OPEN | BUSY message simply by unchecking the option "automatically prefix BUSY | OPEN " in the "Messages Tab".

We also changed the messages given in a trade, working especially on the card list to make everything more readable and less verbose

MTGO Library Bot 8.64

Version 8.64 contains 2 bug fixes and a major improvement:

  • better handled the MTGO "MainNavigation" crash
  • fixed the freeze of the info panel (the vertical panel on the right, the one showing the trade info)
  • bots will now collect tixs faster using the "take 10x" option if the amount of tixs to be collect is greater than 20

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