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MTGO Library Bot 9.54

ML Bot v. 9.54 has just been released. It is a minor update over 9.53.

We added an info panel on the bottom-right corner for when the bot is updating the prices in background, sending collection data to the servers and getting the shared inventories. The idea is to give a more detailed information of what the bot is doing even without using the "B" icons in the tray area.

MTGO Library Bot 9.44

With ML Bot 9.44 we fixed a couple of annoying problems affecting mtgo.

  • First of all, the bot will restart mtgo if no trades occour after 5 minutes from accepting a trade. This is a mechanism to prevent the trade-lock still happening on v4. We already addressed the lock months ago by coding a 45-minutes timer (the bot will restart mtgo if no trades occur in 45 minutes) but this 5-minutes mechanism should be more effective and result in less downtime
  • We found and optimized a database query that used to took 15 seconds - during that time the bot was not reactive and was unable to accept trades
  • Fixed a bug with saving the bot settings when the bot restarts the system

MTGO Library Bot 9.42

ML Bot 9.42 is a major update addressing speed issues (mainly Mtgo speed issues).

  • We worked hard to make the bot interact lighter with Mtgo with the final goal of having less freezes. In fact every time Mtgo freezes you lose 15-20 seconds and your customers won't be happy. Of course we cannot simply "fix" Mtgo and make it fast, but we can try to act as light as possible in order to avoid unnecessary freezes. 
  • Picking cards via wishlist will now cause less freezes - in the end the bot will faster in buying mode
  • ML Bot 9.42 fixes also a problem with the chat messages and the "@" symbol - the bot was unable to send it with the result that email addresses got trimmed.
  • Card quote messages are now simplified in order to have less "wall of texts", less clutter, in the chats
  • Login is now 7 seconds faster

Before adding new functionalities we will work on speed. This is necessary because, Wednesday after Wednesday, Mtgo became slower and slower and demanding more resources.  

MTGO Library Bot 9.40

With ML Bot version 9.40 we fixed the function "restart Mtgo every X hours". The function is located on the General Tab of the bot client and it restarts Mtgo to avoid generic system instabilities.
That function was not working properly in previous bot versions - the bot was simply ignoring it and not  restarting Mtgo. With ML Bot 9.40 we fixed the bug and now the bot restarts Mtgo correctly. We strongly suggest to restart Mtgo every 3 - 4 hours.

ML Bot 9.40 fixes also a curl crash happening on screen with the error message "cURL has stopped working".

Finally we observed that many customers, when buying cards, do not have enough tixs in the active trade binder. The bot now writes an explicit message saying "You have only X tixs tradable, please add more to your active trade binder" instead of the generic message "You do not have enough tixs".

MTGO Library Bot 9.26

We have just released ML Bot 9.26. The update from the older versions is required because Wizards changed the login screen and the old ML Bot versions are not able to login. The "username" and "password" fields have been moved down 20 pixels and thus the bot clicks on different locations.

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