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MTGO Library Bot 9.61

With ML Bot 9.61 we fixed some minor problems related to the Card Transfer trades.

  • administrators are now able to send bot-specific commands such as |AT|#refill#4 . You don't really need these commands in order to operate your bots, but now you can use them.
  • we found a problem with the MTGO timed restart every "x" hours and fixed it. Very busy bots were unable to restart MTGO because the restart was triggered only after 45 seconds of idle time - (45 seconds without any trade request).
  • we added a new type of "administrator users", the "accept and confirm trades from". These users are NOT bots - they are meant to be human that should be able to take cards from your bot while not administrator. This is useful if, for example, you sell cards via eBay and you need to deliver them. You don't need to list there your bots.
  • fixed a problem with card transfer where 12am was taken as noon instead of midnight

Almost 2 years of botting

Here the result from my 3 bots, in 18+ months

MTGO Library 9.60

ML Bot 9.60 fixes a minor problem introduced yesterday with the MTGO update. The problem appears on just some bots and results in aborted trades right after setting up the trading interface. This happens because the bot detects the trading interface as not correct (while it is) and thus restarts MTGO.

Even if your bots do not show the above problem, we suggest to update to 9.60 to avoid any potential issue.

MTGO Library Bot 9.58

ML Bot 9.58 has just been released.

We worked on making the Automated Card Transfer settings easier to understand and use. In particular our efforts have been directed to removing the "Accept trades from" options and make them automated. After all the bot already knows who are the other bots of his group so there is no real need for this kind of setting.

This required a recode of the handshake process. As result bots prior 9.58 and bots 9.58 won't be able to autotransfer with each other - you need to have all the bots greater than 9.57 (or all less than 9.58).

MTGO Library Bot 9.57

Yesterday we released ML Bot 9.57. The new version mainly fixes 2 problems:

  • some fake multiple "B" icons were still showing in the Windows tray area. We worked on this problem with version  9.54 but the problem was still there
  • we fixed a "LauncherGUI.exe" crash happening when MTGO goes offline while the bot is making cards tradable.

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