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Coming soon: Prices and Margin Tab

In two weeks we will be making some changes to our pricing structure, this will include a format change of the official pricelist CardsMTGO.txt and the addition of a brand new tab to the Bot UI (Prices and Margins tab). You have to do nothing, no action is required from you.

First lets talk about the format change of the CardsMTGO.txt file. We will be removing the buy prices. Example of the current cardsmtgo.txt file.

20678#20679#000#0001#5DN#C#Abuna's Chant#0.008#0.026#0.002#0.008
20878#20879#000#0002#5DN#C#Armed Response#0.008#0.026#0.002#0.008

this is what it will look it will look like when we release the new feature:

20678#20679#000#0001#5DN#C#Abuna's Chant#0.008#0.026
20878#20879#000#0002#5DN#C#Armed Response#0.008#0.026

CardsMTGO.txt will just include non-Foil and Foil selling prices. This is part of the new margin concept we will be explaining in the next section.

New Prices and margins tab introduction:

Currently in the Price adjustment tab you are able to adjust the CardsMTGO.txt files selling prices and buying prices.

This works fine, but there are some problems. For example: what is your profit? Are you now selling your Tarmogoyf for 50 and buying for 35 or selling for 55 and buying for 40? Since there is no way for you to control the official buying price, you simply don't know.

Next week the Price Adjustment tab will retire and will be replaced by an easier to understand tab, named "Prices and Margins". The tool will allow you to define the correction of the selling price over the official sell price contained in CardsMTGO.txt  and the buying price as margin parallel to the selling price in percent.

The buying price will be computed no more as % of the official buying price, but as % of the official selling price. The official buying price will disappear from CardMTGO.txt since it will be no more necessary. As said above, the new CardsMTGO.txt will be like this:


and, with -7% and a margin of 10%, you will sell Tarmogoyf at 51.298 and buy it for 46.10 , Having the selling price at 51.298 and the buying at 46.10 means that your margin is 10%.

The migration to the new format will happen automatically: the bot will translate your current settings into the new settings, keeping your prices unaltered, exactly as they are now.

MTGO Library Bot 9.66

ML Bot 9.66 fixes a crash happening on slow computers during the MTGO login phase. The problem was not easily reproducible - most of the times the login worked fine.
When the crash happened, the bot used to restart MTGO - this resulted in several minutes of downtime.

MTGO Library Bot 9.65

We have just released ML Bot 9.65, a minor update on version 9.64. We fixed a couple of small bugs here and there and we made the bot slightly faster when picking cards.

MTGO Library Bot 9.63 - Tempest Remastered

We have just released ML Bot 9.63 supporting Tempest Remastered (TPR). The updated pricelist is available for download on the Online Control Panel and for free during the update process.
As usual LITE bot users should update their bots as well.
Don't forget that prices are very volatile during the first days of  a new set.

MTGO Library Bot 9.62

Hi all, we have just released ML Bot 9.62. This is a minor build, an update on 9.61 better handling the final "checkout" part of the trades.

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