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MTGO Library Bot 8.93

We have just released ML Bot 8.93. This is a minor build adding some debug messages while loading the collection from the MTGO xml files.
We also fixed a background price reloader bug happening on Windows 8.1.

MTGO Library Bot 8.92

ML Bot 8.92 has been released. The new build includes:

  • fixed a memory leakage happening on Windows 7 when Aero effects were disabled
  • fixed a crash in trade when the customers typed "0" to remove all the cards
  • we reworked the final confirm of the trade to make it faster

MTGO Library Bot 9.79

We have just released ML Bot 9.79.
The update contains 2 bug fixes:

  • when trading cards for more than 400 tickets, the bot picked more than 400 tickets, resulting in an error message from MTGO saying "you cannot pick more than 400 items". The bot was unable to handle that message correctly and the trade was lost.
  • we fixed a problem with the picking of the tickets, resulting in many adjustments before being able to pick the correct number. For example, if the bot had to take 100 tixs, it could pick 120, then step back to 90, then 105, and then finally to 100. We fixed this "oscillatory" behaviour.
We also slightly changed the trading messages to have a cleaner interaction with the customer.

MTGO Library Bot 9.78

ML Bot 9.78 fixes a round-off price problem with LITE bots buying cards at 0 tixs instead of 0.001 (if you visit wikiprice, you will see that some bots are currently buying cards at 0 tixs).

MTGO Library Bot 9.76 and 9.77

We have just released ML Bot 9.76 and 9.77. The update fixes a crash happening on the LITE bots that were unable to start displaying an error. The update is required for the LITE bots because 9.75 does not work in LITE mode (the crash appears immediately, you cannot even launch the bot) .

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